4 things do in Langley when it is snowing

4 things do in Langley when it is snowing

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With weather reports warning of snowfall outside, it’s about to get super cold and wintery. With possible snow coming you may be asking yourself, “What should I do on a fine wintery day?” Have no fear; we’ve got your list of great things to do in Langley when it is snowing!

Head out for a winter photoshoot

You read that right, Langley is one of the most photographed areas in the Lower Mainland, and with an extra dusting of snow, it can make for some seriously cool Instagram photos. A great tip for taking pictures in the snow is to try and shoot either when the sun is fully up (if it is cloudy) or when it is low on the horizon (if it is clear). The sun’s light during these times can provide a beautiful diffused effect and combine with the blue tones of the snow to give your subject a fantastic pop of colour.

Check out a new local coffee shop

What is better than finding a new favourite place to grab a hot cup of cocoa and a bite to eat. Langley is just brimming with amazing family-owned eateries that you may not have discovered. While it’s not an exhaustive list, you won’t go wrong with a few local staples such as:

  • Blacksmith Bakery – If you haven’t heard of the Blacksmith Bakery in Fort Langley yet, you are in for a treat. Boasting an incredible assortment of hand-made bread, pastries, soups, sandwiches, pizzas, and much more you will be hard pressed not to find something to enjoy in the cold weather. We’re big fans of their Spark Bites and Guinness Cake.
  • The Wired Monk – The Wired Monk has the best coffee around! With warm coffee made from African coffee beans, you’re sure to get the freshest best quality coffee in the area! With delicious treats like Strawberry Chocolate scones, you’re in for a real treat!
  • Porters Bistro & Coffee House – There is a good reason why Porters often makes the list of local coffee shops to visit. It is one of the most unique dining spots in Langley, with an eclectic selection of teapots, live music, and a menu that never disappoints. You are welcome.

Go tobogganing

Now, Langley isn’t known for having a long list of places to toboggan (or sledding, for those who didn’t grow up using the “old” terminology) but we’ve found at least a couple of places where you and the kids can get a good ride in.

  • The Fort in Fort Langley – Yep, the south side of the Fort has some decent small hills that are perfect for getting a snowy ride in. 23433 Mavis Avenue.
  • Campbell Valley Park – Langley’s largest park also has a few good spots to get your toboggan skills up to snuff. Head towards the south entrance and past the farm for some decent “hills.”

Take the family to the Greater Vancouver Zoo

You may think of the Greater Vancouver Zoo as a summer attraction, but it can be amazing in the winter when it is snowing. Many of the animals have impressive winter coats, and it can be a fun challenge for the kids to spot ones like the grey wolves, Northern Lynx or Rocky Mountain goats.

We hope you find something to do on these snowy wintery days. If you have any wintery activities you like to do, let us know in the comments below! Hope you have a fun (and warm) day!

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