Discover Langley art | From murals to music 🎨

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Discover Langley art | From murals to music 🎨


Art is a very important part of the culture in Langley & Fort Langley; it helps bring meaning to the community and brings our stories to life. Art can even reflect the changes of time, and how the world around the artist has transformed. The city of Langley actively supports new artists in an effort to preserve our history and bring our community to life. If you’re looking to find some meaning through art, to learn a little history, or just get a good Instagram selfie, check out these quintessential art venues in Langley!

The Langley Mural Walk 🚶‍♂️🌳👪

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One of the many ways Fort Langley art is developing is through murals. Over time, Langley wants to increase the number of murals so that art can be seen throughout the entire city. There are murals celebrating the beautiful parks of Langley, Canada’s 150th birthday, as well as the people of Langley. These murals represent an important part of Langley’s growth and culture. On the Langley Mural Walk, you can visit over 15 different murals while also bringing the family to Douglas Park for some fresh air and fun activities. The Downtown Langley Business Association also features pictures of people that participate in the mural walk. You have a chance to be featured if you take a picture of yourself (or your family) with the art murals. Check out this attraction page for a detailed map of the murals and check out DLBA’s Facebook page for more information on being featured!

Langley Art Exhibitions 🖼️😃🖌️

Langley art exhibitions

The Langley Arts Council was formed in 1969 with a mission to create more art and culture in the city of Langley. Becoming a charity in 1996, the arts council was able to contribute towards initiatives that would not only preserve the art that exists in Langley but create more through generous donations. By participating and highlighting the artists of Langley, many art events are able to happen in the Langley area. If you want to see some of these art events in Langley, visit the art council’s exhibition website! To learn more about how the art council contributes to the art of Fort Langley and Langley, or see how you can get involved, visit their website as well! Finally, to see the newest arts events happening in Langley, make sure to check out the Art Council’s Facebook page.

Bez Arts Hub 🎤🎸🎭

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Although most of our art guide focuses on visual arts, Langley has a great performance art scene as well! The Bez Arts Hub is an intimate venue that has had many Canadian bands grace its stage. It’s also a great platform for emerging artists to gain some experience and maybe even garner some followers. With events like salsa dancing, improv nights, and open mics – the Bez Arts Hub is a great place to find your new favourite art form. With musical genres spanning from folk to pop, and jazz – there are shows for music lovers of any genre. Plus, because it’s a smaller venue, the tickets are very reasonably priced, with the most expensive ones coming in at around $40 per ticket. If you want to see what events are coming up, visit their website! Check out the live video performances on the Bez Arts Hub Facebook page to get a behind the scenes look at all the artists that grace its stage.

Fort Gallery 👨‍⚖️🖼️🎨

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With a new exhibit every month, the Fort Gallery offers a great place to view new and upcoming artists. With a board of jurors that reviews all submitted pieces, the art that makes it to the display represents Fort Langley’s culture! The Fort Gallery also has exclusive presentations and talks devoted to the month’s theme so that you can grasp a deeper understanding of their art. If you’re interested in when the Fort Gallery will have its next exhibit, visit their website! To see when their workshops are available, or to enter your artwork into an exhibition, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram.

Water Shed Arts Cafe ☕🥐🎤

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The Water Shed Arts Cafe brings local artists to life with their wonderful atmosphere. This cafe deeply appreciates Langley artists, with new visual art being featured every month. If you’re looking for a cafe where you can enjoy art while sipping a warm cup of coffee, Water Shed Arts Cafe is perfect for you. With a stage for musical artists as well, you can enjoy listening and finding some new favourite music. With genres spanning from blues, to jazz, folk, and electronica – every music lover will find something to enjoy. To find out when their newest art show or music performance is happening, make sure to check out their website. To see when artists will be performing, visit Water Shed Arts Cafe on Facebook or Instagram!

If you want to delve deep into Langley’s past, make sure to check out our blog on the museums of Langley, as well as our blog on the history of the Fort!

We hope this blog post helps you find some inspirational artwork! If you’re looking to find the newest art event happening in Langley, visit our events page or check out our newest blogs on our homepage!

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