The BEST Vietnamese Pho in Langley 🍜🥩🌿

best Vietnamese pho in Langley

The BEST Vietnamese Pho in Langley 🍜🥩🌿


Pho has gained massive popularity over the past few years but what many people don’t know is that Langley is rich with family-run pho noodle houses that offer this mouth-watering dish to thousands of patrons each year. With big portions and warm eats, Pho is perfect for those who want a full meal that will keep them warm and happy! Although most Vietnamese restaurants are known for their Pho, many other dishes are just as delicious!

It has become our personal mission to find the best Pho restaurants of Langley and report back on our findings. Here are our four favourites that you can check out right away (maybe even today!).

Pho Rex 🍵🍜

pho Vietnamese restaurant langley

A staple of our noodle house journeys, Pho Rex, offers a quaint and inviting dining room where you will always see regulars enjoying a wide variety of Vietnamese specialties. Of course, we recommend a hot bowl of beef soup with mint leaves and a cup of Jasmine tea. Other food items that stand out here include the crunchy spring rolls and their scrumptious beef sate. To find out where they’re located, visit their map listing!

Langley Vietnamese Cuisine 🌶️😋🍜

pho langley Vietnamese cuisine

They say that you can tell a Pho restaurant is good if it is packed with customers. Langley Vietnamese Cuisine is just that. We (barely) manage to snag a table when we visit as it is almost always packed to the rafters with happy customers. Not to worry though, wait times are never very long, and you’re sure to get a table pretty quickly!  We challenge you to finish a large bowl of pho with extra hot sauce. If you need something to cool you down after a spicy bowl of pho, their fruit smoothies are absolutely quenching! With exotic fruits like Jack fruit and Durians, you get to try some Vietnamese style smoothies! To see their full menu, check it out on the Main Menus website.  Don’t forget to tell Langley Vietnamese Cuisine that EXPERIENCE Langley sent you!

Pho Tau Bay💰🚗🍜

pho vietnamese langley

With 95 Google reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, you would think that Pho Tau Bay was a gold-medal winning Olympic athlete in the sport of making Vietnamese soup. While unassuming in their look, Pho Tau Bay is one of the best Pho restaurants in Langley, with customers driving from far across town to enjoy a bowl of their fantastic soup. With large bowls only costing nine dollars, this Pho restaurant gives you big portions for cheap! If you’re new to Pho, starting out with Pho Tai (Rare Beef slices with Noodles) or Pho Chin Nam (Well done beef slices with noodles) represent the tastes of Pho very well. To see their full menu, visit their menu listing on Zomato!

Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant 😊🍜🎉

best pho restaurant langley

Mai’s Vietnamese restaurant does things a little differently. With signature dishes that Mai created herself, you really get some unique Pho that you can’t find anywhere else! Mai’s pho is also fully customizable, with you choosing the type of meat, sides, and broth. Mai’s also has a great selection of vegetarian options, like their vegetarian pho and some spicy vegetarian stir fry. While most Vietnamese restaurants do not pay attention to presentation, Mai’s makes sure that each dish looks beautiful upon presentation. If you want to learn more about Mai’s visit their website!

Although we could talk about food all day, this blog has got us starving! If you know of any other Pho places worth checking out, leave a comment below or tell us on social media! Looking for some other delicious places to fill your stomach? Check out our blog on Langley’s heartiest restaurants! Or, if you prefer some desserts after your Pho, check out our blog on the hidden bakeries of Langley!  Now, after all of that, it’s time for us to go get some pho!


  1. Pho Triple 3 is the best. Best soup broth, best lemongrass chicken, best spring rolls, best salad rolls, best veggie and meats chopped on noodles soft or crispy. You must try it all!

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