Christmas Trees in Langley

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Christmas Trees in Langley

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Live Christmas trees are a beautiful addition to any home. With their fresh smell and natural beauty, they add a cozy atmosphere to your home. Taking care of Christmas Trees can be hard, however, especially for first-timers. In this blog post, we’ll give you a guide on how to take care of and find the perfect Christmas tree!

Picking a Tree

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Define the Space where the Tree Will Go

Once you find and measure the place in your home where the tree will go, it will make it easier for you to determine the size of the tree.


The needles of a Christmas tree should be resilient to pressure. To test how fresh the trees are, take a branch 6 inches from the end, and grip it with your thumb & forefinger. Then pull towards you, letting the needles pass through your hand. They should stay attached to the tree and not fall off. Another test is to bend one of the needles. If the tree is not frozen, the needle should be able to go into a “U” shape without breaking. If the needle punctures, then the tree is not fresh.  Finally, the tree itself should have a pleasant fragrance and a good green colour.

Caring For Your Tree

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If you buy your tree several days before you plan on bringing it inside, make sure to place it outdoors in a place that has coverage from the wind and sun, to retain its moisture.  Once you bring the tree inside, cut an inch off the bottom of it so that it can conserve water easier. Make sure the pot has plenty of room for water, as Christmas trees demand A LOT of water.  The average amount of water is 4 litres per day, so make sure your pot has room for that much water. If the water goes low enough, the tree will need to be cut again to create an opening for water to go inside the tree.


Make sure your tree is not too close to anything electronic or flammable. Keep it distant from fireplaces, radiators, television sets, and any other sources of heat. Make sure to always turn the Christmas lights off if you leave the house or go to sleep. Avoid using combustible Christmas decorations, watch out for old or frayed cords, and never use candles on trees!

By following these tips, your Christmas tree should be looking fresh for about 3-4 weeks!

Places to Go

christmas trees care how to experience langley

So now that you know how to take care of a Christmas tree, where do you get one? Well, Langley happens to have quite a few places, but these are our favourites!

If you stop by any of these places, send us some pictures in the comments below or on our social media! Happy tree gathering and we hope you enjoy your new Christmas trees!

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