Date Night Ideas

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Date Night Ideas

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Looking for some activities to do with your significant other in Langley? Running out of ideas for date plans? We’ve got you covered! Surprise your love with a night out at any of these fun and romantic locations!

Twilight Drive-In

twilight drive in experience langley

The twilight drive-in is a blast from the past. With showings every weekend of the most popular movies, this Drive-in is perfect date night. It’s a surreal experience to relax and put the seats back in your car and watch a movie on the big screen. They also have snacks on site so you can eat popcorn and candy during the intermissions! There are two movies per night, with movies changing each week. Since it is the only Drive-in theatre left in the Vancouver area, make sure to come early for a good spot! To learn what movies are playing and showtimes, visit the link below.

Bez Arts Club

bez arts club experience langley

This arts club defines itself as a “Venue for the arts”. With concerts, dance classes, courses in art, comedy clubs, and holiday-themed events coming soon; Bez Arts Club is the place to go if you want more art in your life! The events hosted at the venue often highlight Canadian up and coming stars that are local to the Vancouver area. Performances are also very intimate, with the artists engaging with the crowd as if it’s a one on one experience. If you want to attend one of these shows or take classes with your significant other, check out their website below.

Frosting Cupcakery

frosting cupcakery experience langley

This cupcake shop offers a relaxed setting for the guests. If you and your partner need a place to unwind after a long work week, Frosting Cupcakery offers a high tea. With over 50 different cupcake flavours to choose from, there’s a cupcake for every sweet tooth fanatic. They also offer seasonal cupcakes, such as Apple Crumble, Pumpkin Patch, Candy Cane, Winter Wonderland, and more! Make sure to check back often, as they’re always coming up with new cupcakes ideas. If you would like to see all the cupcake flavours available, visit their website below.

Krause Berry Farms

Wine from Krause Berry Farms (via Facebook)

Everybody loves food and drinks. They go hand in hand for having a good time. Krause Berry Farms offers many different events for you and your partner but most noted is their winery and U-pick berry fields. Their estate winery has 5 different wines to try at the low price of $5. Taste a little bit of BC’s grapes with some delicious fresh hot berry waffles, roasted corn chowder, roasted corn pizza, or scrumptious pie. Another fun feature of Krause Berry Farms is their U-pick fields. With many vegetables and fruits to pick from, you and your significant other can pick fresh farm food to make some wonderful dishes at home. If you would like to take some cooking classes, Krause offers those as well! If you would like to learn more about Krause Berry Farms and what other events they offer, visit their website below.

Now that you have a list of things to do, send us your photos! If you visit any of these places comment or tag us in your photos using #experiencelangley. Hope you have a wonderful date night!

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