Decorating Your House on a Budget

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Decorating Your House on a Budget

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Christmas season has begun in all its glory. With that in mind, you probably want to start converting your house into a winter wonderland. Most Christmas decorations are very big and expensive however, so we wanted to put this guide together to help you have a nice looking house on a budget!


LED Lights

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Christmas lights are a staple of decorating your house. Although traditional bulbs are often thought to be better than LED for Christmas lights, that is no longer the case. LED lights create less heat, therefore saving energy to create brighter light. They also last longer than traditional bulbs, so you can use them for longer without having to change them every year. LED lights are also customized, so if you want colour changing lights LED can do that for you.


Multiple Use Decorations

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When buying decorations, try to think about how they can be used for multiple events or holidays. For example, buying themed pillows and pillowcases allows you to use those pillows for multiple parties or holidays. Another example is using white fairy lights. White lights can be used for almost anything as they are very neutral, and they often set a nice atmosphere.


Dollar Store Haul

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Although taking a trip to Michael’s is always fun, it can get very expensive really quick. Often times, your local dollar store will be packed with decorations. The most expensive decoration will likely be around the $10 range, and most of the time, they are surprisingly good quality. Also getting your wrapping paper, bows, and gift bags from the dollar store can help you save!


Cheap Gift Ideas

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Shopping for people can end up hurting your wallet especially during Christmas time. If you have a skill, making a gift is always a good option. The problem is, not all of us have applied skills. So in this case, we can make things that are easy enough for somebody who isn’t a professional artist. A lot of people will love some sweets, so baking cookies or tarts will satisfy them. Also, the materials for making soap is super inexpensive, so if you find tutorials online, you can give your friends or family a “spa day” kit.


Create Your Own

Another creative way to save is by creating your own decorations! Buying the materials instead of buying the finished product can often result in spending a lot less. By creating your own, you’ll also have a sense of pride and feel better about the decorations you created!


Plan in Advance

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The best way to save money is to make lists and know what you need. Christmas decorations can disappear really fast, so by being prepared you can get all that you need at a reasonable price. It sucks showing up to a store and them not having what you need. Personally, I start Christmas shopping at the very beginning of December, although for some people, that’s already too late. Make sure to check online too, as many stores will have good sales every week.

We hope this blog post inspired you to decorate your home in your own style. If you have any other suggestions, or want to show off your decorations, leave a comment below or on our social media! We hope your Christmas season is filled with lots of joy! πŸ™‚



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