Famous People of Langley

famous people of langley

Famous People of Langley

Entertainment Langley Profiles

Langley may be a small town, but some big names have come out of it! From sports players, to rock bands, and famous actors –  the city of Langley has some good representation in the artist spectrum. Although we would love to talk about them all, here are the most significant four we could find!

Tom Thacker

tom thacker experience langley

Born on April 11, 1974, Tom was always very into music. He started his band named Gob in 1993. This band would go on to release six albums over 15 years. Although he was lead vocalist and guitarist, he would move onto the very popular 2000s band Sum 41 in 2006. He first started as a musician for their tours, before finally being brought onto the group in the studio in 2008. He now is currently working with both bands to release new music soon!

Amanda Crew

Amanda Crew experience langley

Born on June 5, 1986, Amanda started her career in relatively small roles. First appearing on Smallville she wouldn’t get a major role until 2006 as Julie Christensen in the film Final Destination 3. This role would be the start to her success as Final Destination 3 was the most commercially successful in the series sitting at $117 Million in the box office. She then would move onto her primary role as Monica Hall in Silicon Valley. This show has now been on the air for four years and is planning to film season 6 in the summer of 2019.

Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie Expereince Langley

Born on January 18, 1990, Brett has been passionate about baseball since he was very young. In high school, he was picked as the 16th overall pick in the 2008 Major League Baseball draft for the Milwaukee Brewers. Eventually, he would end up on the Toronto Blue Jays then move as a free agent from Oakland Athletics to the Chicago White Sox. His official position is the third baseman, and he has over 70 home runs!

Jacob Tremblay

jacob tremblay experience langley

Born on October 5, 2006, Jacob is fairly new to the acting realm. His most exciting role was being the main character in the hit 2016 movie Room. He’s also had major roles in movies like the Predator and Wonder. His acting ability is quite impressive for his age, so we’re excited to see what else he’ll star in soon!

Langley may seem small to some, but it’s very surprising to see what stars have come out of it. As Langley is still growing, we hope to see more stars come out of our beautiful cultural city!

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