21 ways to get your summer on in Langley☀️🌳😎

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21 ways to get your summer on in Langley☀️🌳😎

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Anyone who has ever spent more than a day in Langley is likely to have witnessed a bit of rain. Which is why we locals get kind of excited when it comes to the summer months! Sunshine, picnics, and just generally basking in the great outdoors… what’s not to love? In preparation for some hardcore summer-ing (yes! That’s a word) we’ve put together an exhaustive list of all the awesome things there are to do in Langley this summer.

So slap on some sunscreen, and get out those short-shorts, rumour has it the sun is shining!

1 – Berries, wine and baked bliss at Krause Berry Farms 🍓

There’s only one thing we love more than sunshine, and that’s food! So why not combine the two. Our first pick for a summer outing in Fraser Valley is the Krause Berry Farm. At this stage, it’s considered an institution. Pop on down and embrace the rustic side of life; there’s plenty of space for kids to run around with go-karts and play areas, berries to pick and a lovely little restaurant to keep families fuelled for the day. Not to mention their wine tours (pro tip: leave children in the play area and indulge in a tipple…we’re kind of joking!). Bask in the good life and get ready for a memorable day out, we recommend donning your most comfortable shoes because there will be plenty of running around between pit stops for freshly baked goods.

2 – Summer night movies at the Twilight Drive-In! 📽️

We are huge movie buffs here at Experience Langley. That’s why we’re super excited when the Twilight Drive-In opens for the summer! It almost feels like stepping back in time as you drive up and settle in for the evening. See the sun set, and then bask in a night under the stars while enjoying the latest flick. This is the perfect spot for a summer date night. They’ve got the food covered, so indulge in a quick trip to the concession stand for nachos, popcorn or some good old hot dog action. Bring plenty of blankets so you can snuggle up with your family, friends, or even your puppy!

3 – Get acquainted with the great outdoors at Campbell Valley Park 🌳

We love getting out of the house and into nature! There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a summer stroll through forest trails. Campbell Valley Park has plenty to do.. Go wildlife spotting along the many creeks and streams, or set up a picnic under a shady tree. Make sure to bring some birdseed for the dicky birds, as they will fly right onto your hands. 😍 With 29km of trails there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking to saddle up and follow the horse trails or take a gentle 1km wander with the kids. Camping and dogs are allowed, so throw everyone (and a tent) in the car and make a weekend of it! Nothing says memory-making quite like arguing over the best sleeping bag and chomping on smores by starlight.

4 – A little summer shopping and nibbles in Fort Langley 🛍️🥗

fort langley upcoming events

Fort Langley’s town center is brimming with activity all summer long. The sunshine seems to put the whole place in a great mood and there’s nothing better than spending a day strolling the streets and chatting to the locals. With so much culture and so many local businesses, Fort Langley has something for everyone! With an array of specialty restaurants as well, you can spend a whole day enjoying good food, unique shops, and the rich history of Fort Langley! Our favourite place to go eat in the Fort is Beatniks Bistro, try out their Cajun Salmon sandwich for a true taste of BC!

5 – Camp with the animals at the Greater Vancouver Zoo 🦓

The greater Vancouver zoo takes animals in need of rescue and gives them a home where they can live a healthier life. Walking through the park, you’ll see over 140 species of animals on a total of 120 acres! With the option to camp overnight, you get to see how they behave once the moon rises. Once again making a return, is the zoo’s adventure train. As the train passes by each exhibit, the animals might even come up close and say hello! Finally, if you’d like to experience as much of the zoo as possible, we recommend taking your bikes for an exciting ride around the park. You’re sure to create some new memories and maybe even meet a new animal friend!

6 – Slip and slide at the Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience 🏊

We can all agree that waterslides are a good time! There’s nothing quite like the rush of sliding into a giant splash of cold water! If you’re looking for an outdoor swimming and slide park that the whole family can enjoy, we HIGHLY recommend the Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience! With a river channel, 3 giant slides that overlook the park, and a tidal pool, the kids can swim the day away. Plus, if you need some alone time away from the kids, there’s a lazy river for the parents to float down. With a giant grass field and picnic tables strewn about, make sure to bring some sandwiches for lunch!

7 – Go glamping at the oTENTik Fort Langley Campsite ⛺

You can go camping (or should I say glamping?) in a beautiful wooden cabin over the summer in this lovely historical campsite! Enjoy a campfire and smores with the kids, and experience the history all around you. Close to the fort to fort trail, you can explore the Fraser River and the trails along it for an active day in the sun. Who knows, you may find your new favourite hideaway to relax and breathe in a little fresh air!

8 – Take your dog on an adventure at Derby Reach 🐕

Langley park

If you’ve got a rambunctious puppy at home, Derby Reach has large lush fields they can run through with an off-leash area to play with their friends in the water. You can also take your dog through the tree-filled trails or try your luck at fishing by the river. With all the fun to be had, don’t forget to bring some water and snacks for your furry friend. With campgrounds that don’t require a booking, it’s easy to turn a summery afternoon into a full weekend, so pack some camping gear just in case!

9 – Watch the beautiful butterfly release 🦋

Krause Berry Farms hosts a butterfly release event every summer in support of the Langley Hospice Society!  If you need a new picture for Instagram, or if you want to experience a once in a lifetime experience, come see hundreds of butterflies take flight in a spectacular show of colour! This event is open to the public, but if you would like to release your own, you can purchase your own lady butterfly to release! Along with the butterfly release, there will be face painting, live music, and all the delicious food and drinks that Krause Berry Farms has to offer.

10 – Show off your putting skills at the WGBA Golf Tournament 🏌️‍♂️

Are you a self-proclaimed golf pro? Are you the next Tiger Woods? Prove your golfing prowess at the Redwoods Golf Course annual golf tournament! Have a chance to meet other Langley locals and attend a dinner and wine reception where prizes for the best golfers will be given out. Make sure to leave the kids at home or with the sitter, as this is an adults only event!

11 – Explore the historic museums of Langley! 🖼️

With so much history within Fort Langley, there is a lot of hidden artifacts from times gone by. Visit the museum of flight to see how Langley paved the way for air travel over multiple generations! Bring the kids along for a day of learning and stop by the gift shop to pick up your own miniature version of a historic plane! With a flight school right next door, why not put your new found flight knowledge to the test! (We’re kidding, unless you really think you’re prepared for flight school!) If you’re looking for even more history to explore, check out four of our favourite museums to spend the day exploring! There’s also a Tim Hortons nearby so you can inject enough caffeine to make sure you absorb all the interesting facts and history.

12 – Bike along the scenic Fort to Fort trail! 🚶‍♂️

One of the best biking trails in Langley is the Fort to Fort trail. You start in Derby Park and bike along the scenic Fraser River all the way up to Fort Langley. If you want to feel the wind in your hair or experience the beautiful Fraser River up close, take a trip from Fort to Fort! With paved paths along the water, this bike trail is perfect for beginners and the little ones. At the end of the fort, you can reward yourself with lunch at one of Fort Langley’s delicious restaurants! Our favourite place to stop off for a treat after a long bike ride is Blacksmith Bakery! Whenever we stop by, we can’t resist their tangy, delicious lemon meringue tarts.

13 – See Langley from a new perspective with AC Airways 🛫

Want to experience beautiful British Columbia from a bird’s eye view? With AC Airways, you can soar above the lower mainland and get pictures from the perspective of an eagle! This is great for a romantic date, or for those who are looking to mark a special occasion. Many different trip packages include a flight and spa, a flight and golf, a tour of the hot springs, or a trip to Whistler! With one route that flies over the North Shore mountains, you’ll get to see the entire city of Vancouver from up in the sky! All trips must be booked in advance, and all flights are private, with a limit of 2 passengers.

14 – The Fork & Finger 🍴

fort langley events

Are you a foodie? Want a food truck experience that’s close to home? Hosted by our friends at the Downtown Langley Business Association, this is a chance to sample and try the cuisine of downtown Langley. In Mcburney Plaza, there will be live cooking demonstrations as well as plenty of tents and seats so you can rest your feet as you chow down. Past events featured fall off the bone ribs, all natural chocolates, edible arrangements, and fresh river salmon. With so many different foods to try, you’re sure to find a new favourite! Our stomachs are rumbling just thinking about it.

15 – Enjoy a cold one at Langley’s breweries 🍻

Summer means patio season, and with patio season comes cold ones! Although water is thirst quenching, sometimes you want something a little more indulgent. After a long day of work, it’s always great to sit back and relax with a brew and good food. Try a malty amber ale paired with some delicious salty Springside mussels from the Trading Post, or get a refreshing Moscow mule ale with some skillet fried chicken tacos from Dead Frog Brewery. Add Farm Country Brewing to your list, as they’ll be opening their doors in the summer! Make sure to try out a little taste of home brewed beers from our favourite places.

16 – Soak up some culture with Langley’s mural walk 🎨

Dive deep into Langley’s culture with their mural walk! As Langley continues to grow, more art will begin to grace the building walls and streets. With most of the pieces residing within Langley city, you can bring your kids for some art, a bite to eat, and playing in Douglas Park! With Tacoholic Mexican taco shop along the route, you can enjoy some spicy tacos in the summer sun. Or, if you want a small treat, stop by The Creative Bookworm for some artisan coffee, treats, and maybe even your new favourite book! Make sure to bring your camera, as some of these art pieces (like the first nations inspired piece) are sure to strike a chord with you. Find all the wonderful art of Langley here!

17 – Take a swim in William’s Park 🌲

Williams park langley

If you need an escape from the daily grind, Williams Park will let you settle down for the day. They have great picnic tables for you to enjoy your best potato salad with some juice boxes and cheese & crackers. With a fully decked out playground and many different trails to wander, Williams Park is a great place to spend a summer day. Make sure to pack a towel and a bathing suit to cool off in the freshwater creek close by.

18 – Get a little taste of BC Wine! 🍷

Langley is home to quite the selection of wine tours. If you’re looking to find your next favourite bottle of wine for ladies night, or need a great pairing for a dinner party, Langley has just the wines for you! Check out Chaberton’s 55 acres of red and green grapes, try out Township 7’s unique sparkling chardonnay, or visit the Backyard Vineyards where all fruit is grown and selected from the Fraser Valley. Just make sure to bring a designated driver with you, as there will be plenty of fruity aromatic wines to try.

19 – Dance and sing with the performers at Bez Arts Hub 🎤

One of our favourite places to go for a night of fun is Bez Arts Hub! With weekly Latin ballroom dances, and improv nights every fourth Saturday, Bez Arts Hub always has something going on. If you’d like to belt out a Celine Dion solo, come to the arts hub on Thursdays for open mic nights. Finally, many Canadian artists perform at the intimate venue. With two different performers each week, you’ll be able to experience an assortment of musical styles. Why not make a night of it and get some and get some food and drink at the venue too.

20 – Test your wilderness strength with Ridge Wilderness Adventures 🛶

fun things to do on a sunny day in Langley

If you’re looking to find the Bear Grylls inside yourself, try your hand at canoeing up the Fraser River with Ridge Wilderness Adventures! Feel the fresh air on your skin, and witness the fantastic array of wildlife under the water and on land. It’s the perfect spot to get yourself some beautiful snaps and share them with friends and family. They’ll either die of envy or insist on coming to see the beautiful scenery for themselves!

21 – Challenge your friends at Willoughby Community Park 🏀

Playing sports with your friends is the perfect way to blow off steam after a long week and enjoy the sunshine. If you’re looking for a basketball court or a volleyball court for a game (or five), then Willoughby Community Park has all the space you need. Why not organize a mini-tournament or challenge your friends to a friendly game of soccer or to shoot some hoops.

With new events always popping up in Langley, we update our website regularly! We hope you’re able to go out and enjoy some sunshine with your friends and family. If we’ve missed one of your favourite summer spots then be sure to share it in the comments below. Have a lovely summer, from all of us at Experience Langley! 🙂


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