Good News – February

Good News – February

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Each month we wanted to highlight some good news in the Langley area. Whether that’s an amazing fundraiser or just a story about a great person in the community, we wanted to bring a smile to your day! If you have any stories to share please reach out to us on Social media so we can feature it in the next month!

The Fairy Godmother Foundation

In 2017, Lizette Estebeth decided to become a fairy godmother for the prom attendees of Langley. By launching the Fairy Godmother Foundation, Lizette’s goal was to collect prom dresses to give to girls who couldn’t afford the often very expensive options. Attending prom is all about creating a lasting memory and having the most magical night to start off a new part in every person’s life. Due to time constraints, last year Lizette was only able to help 2 prom goers. This year, Lizette is excited to reveal that over 450 dresses have been donated to the foundation. Through these donations, she hopes that every girl can have a wonderful memory filled night!

Langley Local Part of Youth Parliament

Charlotte White Youth Parliment experience langley
Photo taken from the Langley Times

Almost 100 youth worked at parliament in the past year. Youth Parliament is a group of people who stand by the motto “youth helping youth”. One of these youths, Charlotte, has now been a part of the youth parliament for 3 years. Currently studying science at UBC, she has recently been promoted to Attorney General! Her main duties include drafting legislation, collecting Private Membersโ€™ Resolutions, and staying on top of the House schedule. Recently, the BCYP helped implement ridesharing to BC, as well as support in expanding the high school curriculum!

Langley Raised Over $18,000!

salvation army experience langley

Salvation Army just reported how much donations came in from the Langley and Aldergrove regions. With over $18,000 raised, the salvation army will be giving the donations to the Gateway of Hope. The Gateway of Hope is dedicated to bringing a safe and secure place for those who need transformational change. Along with the Gateway of Hope, the Salvation Army was able to serve over 110,000 meals and give over 500 students the supplies they need for school.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s good news! If you have any good news to share, let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Social Media! Through these blog posts, we hope to bring more positivity to light and really give great people a chance to shine!

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