Good News of Langley – March

langley good news march

Good News of Langley – March


The month of March brings many good news stories for the city of Langley! In a time where bad news tends to be on the front cover, we wanted to highlight what good is happening in the community! If you have any good news to share, let us know on Social Media, or leave a comment on this blog!

Langley Supportive Housing

Langley homeless shelter supportive housing

Langley is set to open up a new housing unit for the homeless people of Langley. Research shows that Langley now has over 200 homeless residents, and quick actions must be made to keep them protected. Renovations of the former hotel are said to be ending in Spring, and will hold 49 units. The goal for this home is to be a transitional place for those who want to get off the street. Alcohol and drug treatments will be available, along with programs to help them become a part of the community again. There is no final date for when the home will open, although the city predicts that the renovations will be done by end of Spring. The city is currently holding interviews with the homeless to determine who is the right fit for the home, and they will receive a 2 week period to move in.

Langley Arts Council

langley arts council roots exhibit

The Langley Arts Council was proud to open up a new location inside the Aldergrove Kinsmen Centre. With the opening bringing on a theme of being “rooted” in the community. This theme was spurred by the idea that the Langley Arts Council were finding new roots in their location. Their new nature related artwork will be on display until mid April. One of the pieces created by Freda Lombard, is an interactive piece that has party goers mimicking the motion of painting trees on a large canvas. The Langley Arts Council hopes that once its interactive art pieces are complete, that they can be auctioned off! To see what exhibits are coming up, visit

Aldergrove Pig Sanctuary

Aldergrove pig sanctuary little oinks

Little Oink Bank Sanctuary in Aldergrove has become a place where pigs destined for slaughterhouses can live out the rest of their lives in peace. Initially, the farm was a hobby farm to grow fruits and vegetables. After rescuing three females pigs, Carrie Shogan discovered that the female pigs were pregnant. It was then that she decided to convert her hobby farm into a sanctuary for pigs to live happily. Sixteen months later, the farm is now home to over 30 pigs! The goal of the sanctuary is to spread the message that pigs are lovely, caring, and intelligent animals. If you want to help donate to the cause, visit their Facebook page below.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s good news! If you have any good news to share, let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Social Media! Through these blog posts, we hope to bring more positivity to light and really give great people a chance to shine!

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