Langley’s Hidden Bakeries

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Langley’s Hidden Bakeries

Fall Family Food

Winter & holiday season are upon us. With that in mind, we wanted to find the coziest hidden away bakeries of Langley, so that you can find a place to rest and relax. If we missed your favorite let us know in the comments below!

Mozart Bakery

mozart bakery experience langley
Cake made for Girl’s Birthday Party (via Facebook)

Reviews across the board love this bakery. They are able to create cakes fast and with any nutritional substitutes in mind. This is one of the few bakeries in Langley that offer vegan options. With a café built in you can grab a fresh ground coffee with an assortment of sandwiches, desserts, and soups. They also provide catering options, so if you need a cake or platters for an event, Mozart Bakery has you covered.  To learn more of what they have to offer, visit their Facebook page!

Sugarplum Desserts

sugarplum desserts experience langley
Slice of coffee cake from Sugarplum desserts (via Facebook)

Sugarplum Bakery has been in Langley for over 30 years. With more than 60 different hand-crafted desserts, this bakery will satisfy your sweet tooth! Everything at Sugarplum is handmade, from the whipped cream, to the signature chocolate decorations and the butter-creams. This family owned and run bakery is dedicated to providing you with the freshest un-touched ingredients! To see their menu options and where they’re located, check out their website below!

Cedarbrook Bakery & Deli

Cedarbrook bakery deli bistro experience langley
New donut flavours from Cedarbrook Bakery (via Facebook)

Cedarbrook Bakery offers more than your typical bakery. It is also a Deli & a Bistro, offering sandwiches and fresh sliced protein. The bakery has been family owned for over 40 years, recently introducing gelato to the mix. This bakery takes traditional baked goods and makes them unique; with treats called: Apple Bomb, Maple Bacon donut, Strawberry Croissant, and Black Forest square. Open from 8am to 8pm, you can grab a quick snack anytime during the day! To see their full menu and location, visit their website!

Sweet Thea

sweet thea bakery experience langley
Fresh made Macaroons from Sweet Thea (via Facebook)

Sweet Thea bakery is an important part of the community. They often participate in farmer’s markets, as well as events in Langley to showcase their giant desserts. With over 40 different baked goods, Sweet Thea has a lot to offer! With a store located in Langley, Tsawwassen ferry terminal, and downtown Vancouver- these bakeries offer the best non-preservative desserts! If you would like to know their full menu and location, check their website below!

We hope that these bakeries satisfy your sweet tooth! If you’re looking for some gluten free options, we have another blogpost featuring some gluten free options. If we missed your favorite bakery tell us in the comments below!

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