Langley’s Top Five Gluten Free Coffee Shops

experience langley gluten free coffee shops

Langley’s Top Five Gluten Free Coffee Shops

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Being someone who is a diagnosed Celiac, I understand how hard it is to find a great place to have coffee and a snack that serves Gluten Free options. I have sat many times with friends and nursed a cup of tea in my hands while they ate, just wishing I could enjoy one bite of what they were eating. Over the past few years, many different venues have begun experimenting with GF food but I discovered that it was even harder to find GF offerings that tasted like real food and not just a brick of sawdust. How many of you can relate to the agony of trying to swallow GF bread or a Muffin, and needing a gallon of liquid to wash it down? Am I right?

While it has been a long and hungry road, thankfully here in Langley some coffee shops are finally getting on the Yummy Gluten-Free Bandwagon and are providing truly delicious options (Insert Hallelujah chorus here). After years of not being able to eat anything that tasted like real food, some of the following places have literally brought me to tears as I savoured each delicious morsel of GF yumminess. I “may or may not” have purchased extra to take home with me for later snacking, shhhhh, no judging.

Here are the Top 5 places I head to when I am in need of a treat and fabulous coffee or tea with friends!

Lemon Bakery,  Located at 102, 20108 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC

gluten free cafe experience langley
Lemon Bars from Lemon cafe (via website)

Can you say YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY?!?! They serve a delicious, melt in your mouth, Gluten Free Lemon Loaf that is to die for. They also have great coffee, but honestly, the Lemon Loaf accompanied with a freshly squeezed Lemonade is heavenly, and makes the taste buds tingle. I highly recommend checking this place out.

Saba Café by the Rustic Gourmet, Located at 23343 Mavis Ave unit 102, Langley, BC

Muffins from Saba Cafe (via Instagram)

This beautiful café offers various Gluten Free goodies. Yes, I said VARIOUS! More than one! Wahoo! My absolute favourite Gluten Free menu item is their GF Morning Glory Muffin with a Delicious Artisan Soy Milk Latte on the side. They change up their menu daily and have different options to choose from, which is wonderful.

Blacksmith Bakery, Located at 9190 Church St, Langley, BC

Chocolate cake from Blacksmith Bakery (via Instagram)

This is a great Bakery that has European worthy coffee skills. I lived in Europe and it is definitely comparable! But that’s not what we are here to talk about. Okay, back to Gluten Free. If you are looking for a great morning place to enjoy a delicious GF Lemon Blueberry Scone, freshly baked and smothered in butter, this is the place to go. The challenge is, you need to get there early enough because those delicious Gluten Free carbs sell out quickly. They seriously need to make more. They will put some aside if you call ahead. I’m not joking. They are that good! They also have a couple other dessert items like a flourless chocolate cake that melts in your mouth and a Blueberry Clafoutis that is a delicious alternative if they’ve run out of the scones.

Maria’s Gelato, Located 101-9103 Glover Rd, Langley, BC

Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Raspberry Gluten free gelato! (via Instagram)

This was one of the most pleasant surprises that I have ever come across in Ft. Langley. They have multiple Gluten Free options from muffins and cookies to GF sandwiches and even GF gelato and GF ice cream cones! Did I just hear you say JACKPOT? They also make amazing London Fogs and my personal favourite is their GF Avocado Toast. MM, MM, MM!

Tracycakes Bakery Café, Located 21594 48 Ave, Langley, BC

tracycakes bakery cafe experience langley gluten free dessert
Cupcakes from Tracycakes (via Facebook)

This little café/teahouse serves up an incredible Gluten Free High Tea including, sandwiches, squares, cookies and mini cupcakes. The only requirement is to call ahead so they can have all ingredients on hand. I personally (smugly) thought that my High Tea looked better than all the other poor wheat eater’s “normal” High Tea trays in the room, but that’s our little secret. It was truly delicious and the tea was great too! A very cute location that is fun to go to with friends for a special outing.

As a certified GF hunter, I recommend checking out every single one of these places. You won’t be disappointed! I still have high hopes for an exclusive Gluten Free Café and Bakery for Langley one day. They do exist in the wild, and I’m sure would do really well here in the Valley. Any takers? I should also note that while there is always a risk of cross-contamination at any bakery or cafe, I can only share from personal experience that I have not reacted when eating at these places. Please attempt delicious food tasting at your own risk 😉

Stay tuned for a Top Five list of Restaurants that provide great Gluten Free options in Langley, coming soon!

~ Nichola Christi


  1. I would recommend Wendel’s and Frostings as well.
    I’ve often been disappointed with Traceycakes, as you can’t just pop in. They often don’t have any gluten free on hand. You must call ahead for high tea.
    Thanks for the heads up on the other places. Will definitely try them out!

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