Calling all book lovers! ❤️📚The best bookstores & libraries of Langley

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Calling all book lovers! ❤️📚The best bookstores & libraries of Langley

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At Experience Langley, we love a good book! Although we’re fans of a trip to Chapters, sometimes we prefer to support the local community by visiting the library or a second-hand bookstore. There’s no shortage of options for book lovers in Langley, and taking a trip to one of these literary haunts can lead to some rare finds. You never know what books might be waiting for you in the shelves of our local libraries and bookstores. These spots bring a rich history of literature back to life, so if you’re looking for the best place to find your next read, you’ve come to the right blog.

The Creative Bookworm☕🥐📖

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The Creative Bookworm is one of the best book stores in Langley. It is a family owned and operated business that has been open for over 14 years! People often trade their rare books here, so the shelves are packed with an eclectic mix of second-hand books. If you’re looking to sample a book before you splurge, The Creative Bookworm has a cafe where you can sip on a specialty coffee and have a quiet moment to yourself.

The Creative Bookworm keeps all its books in the best condition possible so that even their oldest books aren’t tatty.

If the book you’re looking for is quite old, it’s best to call them as often older books are not displayed on the website. The Creative Bookworm also takes book requests, so if you want a certain book they are more than happy to order it for you.
If you’re looking for a particular book, most of their inventory is online! Visit their website to take a look at what books they have in store, as well as what’s on the cafe menu! Visit their Facebook or Instagram to know what’s new in the book world!

Fort Langley Library👵👦📚

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The Fort Langley Library is quaint but boasts quite the selection of books. With a helpful staff that can sit down with you to find the books you need, and community events like public readings that you can take your kids to. It is a great place to find your new favourite book. We particularly love this library because it reflects the essence of Fort Langley. When you walk in, you’ll see people of all ages browsing for books.

Their stock is up-to-date and you’ll have no trouble finding the latest releases. Located near Beatniks Bistro, you can browse for good books after your Saturday brunch. Doesn’t that sound idyllic!
If you want to find out when the Fort Langley Library is open or where it is located, visit their website! To see their latest news and events, visit their Facebook page.

Wendel’s Bookstore📚☕🍩

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For over 20 years, Wendel’s bookstore has been book lovers’ go-to for the best new releases. Located in Fort Langley, Wendels also stocks the classics, so it’s easy to find the book you’re looking for!

If you have a book lover on your list, Wendel’s also has a huge selection of cards so that you can pair the perfect book with the perfect card. The excitement doesn’t stop there, why not pop into their wonderful cafe, with your book haul and enjoy a coffee while you dive into chapter one. The café even offers gluten-free and dairy-free options.
Wendel’s also has an online bookstore, so if you prefer to shop from home, you can browse their catalogue there. To learn more about this lovely bookstore, take a look at their website! To see what new events are happening they’re hosting, take a peek at their Facebook page!

City of Langley Library📚🎥😃

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Photo taken by Daniel Baek

While the Fort Langley Library is quaint, the City of Langley Library boasts a massive selection of books. It also hosts quite a few events throughout the year, so if you’re looking for a place where your child can learn and play, or where you can socialize and relax, there is always something going on here.

The helpful staff here are extremely knowledgeable, and it also an excellent place for studying and knowledge building. Helping to keep these resources alive, Friends of the Library help coordinate, fund, and provide for the various events and supplies used at the library. With a vast selection of DVDs and Blu Ray disks as well, you can find all the entertainment you need for a relaxing day.
If you would like to learn more about the events and programs they offer, visit their website. To take a look at what’s new at the Langley Library, check out their Facebook page!

We hope this list inspires you to go out and read a book! If you know of any bookstores we missed, let us know in the comments below. To find a quiet cafe to relax at with your new book, check out our blog on the Hidden Bakeries of Langley!
Looking to find what’s new in the Langley area? Visit our homepage to see what else Langley has to offer!

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