4 awesome pizza restaurants in Langley that will make your mouth water🍕🤤

Best Pizza In Langley

4 awesome pizza restaurants in Langley that will make your mouth water🍕🤤

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Arguably the best dish to ever be invented, pizza is one of the few foods that people never tire of. Over the years, many food fads have come and gone (no, we don’t want any more grilled Halloumi, thanks!), but pizza has remained consistent. Although, I think we can all agree there is a hierarchy when it comes to finding the best pizza restaurant to kill your cravings, and Dominos is close to the bottom of that particular list.

With the help of our readers, we’ve compiled a list that makes finding good pizza in Langley simple! From gooey cheesy goodness to the freshest and thinnest of crusts, these four pizza places tick all the boxes. Without further ado, here’s our definitive list of the best pizza places in Langley!!

Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizzeria ☺️🍕🕹️

homemade pizza langley

Emilio’s takes its thin crust seriously. While they are primarily a pizza restaurant, they also have a variety of calzones for those looking for a more “portable” pizza. With over 30 different options on the menu, ranging from chicken to seafood, to good old meat lovers; there are enough combinations to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. All their crusts are made with their award-winning house honey butter, ensuring a delectable experience. With award-winning chefs and retro 80s arcade machines, Emilio’s offers an experience unlike any other pizza place.

If you would like to contact Emilio’s, or see more of their menu options, visit their website! They also post limited edition pizzas to their Facebook & Instagram, so make sure to visit them there as well!

Jim’s Pizza 🍍🍔🧀

best pizza fort langley

Located in Walnut Grove, Jim’s pizza offers an at home pizza experience, with hand-tossed dough, and fresh ingredients. All their dough is freshly made, and aged for 24 hours so that they can ensure the best quality. Their specialty pizzas are something to be seen, with inventive new takes on the classic dish. With names like Spiked Hawaiian, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, & The Bubba Gump; you can be sure you’re getting a unique pizza. Topped with lots of freshly made parmesan, these pizzas are sure to make anybody satisfied. Jim’s Pizza currently delivers to Fort Langley, Bedford Landing, Walnut Grove, and Willoughby.

If you want to see their full menu or find out where they deliver to, visit their official website! To see all the newest pizzas they debut, take a look at their Facebook page.

Andrea’s 🌃🚗🍕

pizza langley open late delivery

Andrea’s Langley is committed to providing the freshest pizza for avid foodies. Chefs with decades of experience come to the restaurant at 6 am every day to prepare all their dishes from scratch. Andrea’s boasts over 130 menu items, so if you have a craving, they’ve got you covered! This pizzeria is also the only one that is open late into the night for those who crave a midnight snack (or meal!). They are open until 1:30 am on weekdays and 2:30 am on weekends. They deliver to the farthest reaches of Langley or North Vancouver, as it says on their website “if you cannot come to us, we cater to you!”

Visit their website to look at their extensive menu, and contact information! To see the newest deals at Andrea’s make sure to check out their Facebook page!

Glenwood Pizza 🍕🧀❤️

best pizza in Langley

This local pizzeria has been around for 17 years and offers simple food that speaks for itself. Glenwood Pizza aspires to bring Italian culture to Langley, through their delicious recreations of traditional Italian dishes. They’re all about giving you the freshest ingredients, and the cheesiest pizza you could possibly ask for! Never light on the toppings, this is THE place to go if you’re looking for a rich, generously topped pizza. Good quality deep dish pizza might as well be their middle name, and their servings will be sure to fill your stomach. Visit their website to take a look at their menu as well as their location!

Although we could wax lyrical about pizza for a lot longer, all this talk has made us peckish! Let us know if we missed your favourite pizza place in the comments below, and make sure to try out one of these places the next time you get the craving for a gooey slice of cheesy goodness! If you’re looking for more dining recommendations, check out our Reader’s Choice list of Best Langley Breakfast locations!

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