Top Five Langley Locations for Fall Family Photography (say that 5 times fast)

Fall Photography - Experience Langley

Top Five Langley Locations for Fall Family Photography (say that 5 times fast)

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With the weather officially heading to zero degrees (say it isn’t so) and the clouds rolling in everyone knows that it’s time to pull out those extra sweaters and jackets, but you may not realize that it’s also one of the best times of year to head out and get your family photography done.

Yep, with the amazing fall colours, overcast skies (diffused lighting), and the ability to wear great winter outfits (so you look stylish) November and December are some of the best months to take a few pics of you and yours. To help us find the best locations in Langley to take your photos, we’ve enlisted the help of local photographer Nichola Christi to give us the low down on where she takes her clients to get the very best fall photos. We’ll turn it over to her now.

As a photographer, I have a few “Go To” places that never disappoint. Here are my top 5 and why:

5) Sendall Gardens

Located at 20220 50 Ave, Langley, BC.

Sendall Gardens - Nichola Christi Photography
Sendall Gardens – Nichola Christi Photography

This is a small park nestled in the Southern Neighbourhood of Langley, near Brookswood. There are quaint paths, classic locations with Arbours, Trees and bridges over a creek. There is not much hiking involved and is a great location that many Photographers choose, as it is easily accessible and has many pretty locations within the park. There is also an old brick house, huge chairs and beautifully manicured gardens. It is pretty in all seasons but definitely has an incredible pop of colour in the Spring and Summer months.

4) Campbell Valley Park

Located at 20290 16 Ave, Langley, BC.

Campbell Valley Park - Nichola Christi Photography
Campbell Valley Park – Nichola Christi Photography

This park has it all, from trails with magnificent West Coast Cedars, to fields of beautiful grass, great barns and old schoolhouses. The Park is massive and a huge favourite for Family and Wedding Photographers. My personal favourite location at the park is the barns as there are so many beautiful colours, unique nooks and trees to take pictures with. It will not disappoint.

3) Derby Reach and the Fort to Fort Trail.

Located at 21801 Allard Crescent, Langley, BC.

Derby Reach - Nichola Christi Photography
Derby Reach – Nichola Christi Photography

Are you looking for meandering trails along the river with fields and old orchards? This is a beautiful location with so many neat locations as you take the Fort to Fort trail heading into Fort Langley. There is an old farm that was torn down and the old gnarly fruit trees were left behind. There are beautiful fields and paths that wander through Old Growth Forest. You can also have campfires in the campfire pits along the river at Derby Reach Park, they always make for great “Authentic” Canadiana photographs. Grab your mittens and hot cocoa! It will be a fun Portrait session!

2) Williams Park

Located at 68 Ave & 238 Street, Langley, BC.

Williams Park - bw - Nichola Christi Photography
Williams Park – Nichola Christi Photography

This little Park is close to the 232nd exit to Hwy 1. It is a surprising location that most local photographers love, as it is truly a hidden gem. There are staircases that meander down to the creek that is hidden below the parking lot. When you get to the white bridges there are so many beautiful locations amongst the trees and along the bridges that go over various parts of the creek. It’s a really magical place that is especially beautiful if you go in the morning to capture the early sun coming through the trees. It sparkles on the water and gives a really soft light on everyone in the photographs.

1) Fort Langley

Located at the North End of Glover Road, right on the river.

Fort Langley Inside - Nichola Christi Photography
Fort Langley – Nichola Christi Photography

This is my number one favourite location to photograph at, as there are so many fun and eclectic spots brimming with culture, yet it still maintains a small town feel. A hotspot for Hollywood North as well, you will see crews all over town filming various Movies and TV shows. From the Town Hall to the train station beside the tracks, to the restaurants and brick walls, to the bridge, the docks and walkways along the river, with beautiful huge trees hanging overhead, one has a hard time choosing which location to take pictures at first.

Fort Langley - Nichola Christi Photography
Fort Langley – Nichola Christi Photography

My most unique location in Fort Langley to photograph at is inside the actual Fort, as there are so many beautiful Historical buildings with unique windows, stairs, wood grains of every colour and really, really old trees. I probably could have done an entire article just on Ft. Langley. I have photographed most of my clients around the town and there are so many fun and unique places to take pictures and get a snack or a meal afterwards with the family. Did I mention gelato and great beer? Oh wait, that’s for another article.

I hope this helps give some great ideas for family, engagement or wedding photographs!

~ Nichola of Nichola Christi Photography

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