Vegan Restaurants

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Vegan Restaurants

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Finding restaurants that have vegan-friendly menus is quite hard. If you’re looking to find the best new places to try, or if you’re looking to become vegan for your health, these restaurants are perfect for you!

Leef + Stem

leef stem experience langley vegan

Leef + Stem has quite the robust vegan offerings. With delicious Macro bowls available, they provide healthy full meals. With a selection of smoothies as well, you can enjoy a sweet lunch that’s also healthy! By providing fresh ingredients, Leef + Stem is great for those looking for no artificial foods as well. With a very home-grown atmosphere, Leef + Stem is perfect for those who need a place to wind down after a long day. Visit their website below to see their menu items and location!

Leaf + Stem

Healthy Monkey Cafe

healthy monkey cafe experience langley

Although Healthy Monkey Cafe doesn’t have a full vegan menu, their monkey bowls are all vegan! With offerings like Quinoa, black rice, cabbage, brown rice noodles – you can create your own bowls to eat! If you would rather have one of their pre-made bowls, they have quite the selection with bowls like the Curry bowl, the greek bowl, the Szechuan bowl, and more! If you’re interested to see al their food offerings, visit the website below.

Healthy Monkey Cafe

Veggie Bob’s Kitchen

veggie bob's kitchen experience langley

Veggie Bob’s Kitchen offers sit down or pick up for your convenience. With a whole robust vegan menu including, vegan dogs, vegan nachos, vegan tacos, vegan mac and cheese, and vegan wraps – this is the best place to get delicious vegan options. With a rustic themed inside, you’ll feel right at home and leave with a full stomach! To see their menu, as well as order online, visit the link below.

Veggie Bob’s Kitchen

Ban  Chok Dee

experience langley veggie rolls

Ban Chok Dee is a Thai restaurant with amazing food and great service. They do serve non-vegan dishes, but also can make many different Thai vegan options as well! With tofu as the main vegan option, they get quite inventive with their vegan options. If you’re interested in what vegan options they have, visit their website below!

Ban Chok Dee

We hope you find a new vegan dish you absolutely love. If there are any vegan restaurants you like that we missed, tell us on the comments below or on social media! We hope your next meal is absolutely delicious!

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